J2ME Game Development

J2ME devices are widely used by users who would rather not opt for the complexity r cost of smart phones. These users form the bulk of casual gamers on these devices.

Creating games on j2me is an art and a challenge. Our J2ME mobile game developers are familiar with the device limitations and our team of pixel artists creates and optimises graphics that play out best on these devices.

Our J2ME game development experts will also help you port your game to multiple devices. Our mobile game testers will have the game tested on multiple physical devices of varied configurations and resolutions to ensure that it runs across multiple devices.

We also port J2ME games to touch screen devices and Blackberry devices to ensure that you capture the maximum available audience.

We follow a simple process for mobile game development:

  • Work with you to create a concept and game flow
  • Create world class art for your game
  • Develop and Deploy the mobile game on the app store or as a downloadable application, depending on your requirements

Have and idea for an J2ME game you'd like to develop? Get in touch with us here.