Diverse Engagement Models

Bespoke, Global Demand and Dependable

With Syon Software, you can opt for the most fitting engagement model for your venture. We have the competence to lay down an assortment of engagement modes, together with resource-based, out-and-out development Center, project-based and Build Operate Transfer Model.

Why there is need for so many engagement models? To put simply, for our clients.

In a comprehensive marketplace, corporations have varied requirements. We recognize the importance and ease of allowing our clientele to pick or unite engagement models for diverse phases of any assignment. Ingenuity and the capability to acclimatize and rationalize, all at once, is the root cause why we are competent to put forward such value with our software development costs.

Comparison of Various Engagement Models

Type Costing Best When Comments
Project-based Fixed based on milestones - Requirements are very clear.
- Team will be a significant addition to existing team or all of it.
- Team's capabilities are known well.
- Agile possible as well if client is fully engaged in the development process.
- Maximum cost savings possible as onus is onto us to deliver in-time on-budget.
Resource-based engagement Hourly or daily rates based on type of resource engaged - Want to augment your team with more resources.
- Unsure of exact requirements.
- Starting off for the first time.
- We could also offer blended rates based on pre-set conditions so smoothen the billing.
- Great way to start off with us.
Partnership Engagement Pre-defined hourly rate (typically at cost) + Share of profits earned - Not enough capital to take a risk.
- Expect the product/solution to be sold to others through you.
- Willingness to share risk and as well as gains.
- Excellent combination of your domain knowledge and our technology skills to form a win-win partnership.
- Shared IP.
Dedicated development facility Flexible based on type of needs and resources - Best for settings up low-cost offshore center without the headache of managing it. - IP is owned by you.
- Can set up facility based on your requirements and corporate practices.