We have brought out its unique Virtual Offshore Development Centre (VODC) model as part our vision to provide world-class, on-demand products and services.

Our unique Offshore Outsourcing model helps you to outsource all components essential for an ideal offshore development you do not need to worry on investments in infrastructure, building, recruitment and maintenance. We provide you a virtual 24 hour office to man your operations, maintain it and help you focus on core competency areas.

We aim to be your long-term offshore partner for both your Custom Software Development Outsourcing and Outsourced Product Development (OPD) providing programmers and developers via our Virtual Offshore Development Centre (VODC) services.

We offer high-end solutions to provide financial return, risk mitigation, strategic alignment, time-to-market impact and value creation. Developed and deployed using proven methodologies for web and software development, backed by project management, clear and comprehensive documentation, and unique FSP model – ODC Model, SYON Offshore Outsourcing models have allowed our offshore partners to prioritize their business better.

How Does VODC Help You?

  • More than 40% to 50% cost saving overall
  • Reduction in hiring, training and infrastructure costs
  • Flexible and round-the-clock working hours including overlap for your time-zone
  • Access to well-trained and highly skilled man power – view our Technology Skills
  • Ramp-up or Ramp-down offshore capacity based on business demand

Time Zone Advantage – Create Your 24-hr Virtual Office

  • We have dedicated teams that cater to your product or project development needs in your time zones, providing a virtual 24 hour office to our overseas clients. Outsourcing to SYON helps you to focus on core areas, increases the development turnaround and time-to-market.

We generally operate from 9.30 AM till 9.30 PM IST- 11 PM to 11 AM EST and we can adjust this to match as per our clients requirements.

Methodology Advantage – Setting the Business Metrics Right

  • Our unique Outsourced Product Development (OPD) service Head Start coupled with offshore model Virtual Offshore Development Centre (VODC) relies on strong process methodology strengths that encompass all areas of software engineering. We adopt a holistic project development methodology with emphasis on sound project management from initiation, planning, design, development, testing and release. Our dedicated teams meet, share and brainstorm on technical innovation, knowledge sharing, risk analysis and mitigation.