There is no right tool. There is no ideal tool. And there is no tool that does everything. Which is why having a team behind you that knows the tools market inside out is essential. We’ve implemented everything from Selenium to QTP. Some of the….



If you’re thinking about automation we can assist you identify what’s attainable, carve the business case and select the right tools. And of course we can facilitate you with the implementation. If you want to get additional value out of your existing automation efforts we’ll help you…...



We would love to share what we’ve learnt over the years with our clients. Contributing to the pool of knowledge on software testing helps us share and hone our knowledge. We can be the ideal partners to fulfill your automation needs and provide expertise…


We are the software testing consultancy that's run for people from both the technical and non technical worlds. We proffer the services of the finest people in the businesses that are competent of implementing the pioneering technology solutions that will decipher your problems. It’s what we love to do, and we’d love to do it for you!

We recognize the exceptional pressures that you’re under. We are aware of the difficulty in finding the appropriate and best resources to address the risks which could have a significant impact on the business. Yet your challenges are exclusive and thus your solutions also need to be unique. That’s what we thrive on. Delivering unique, technology led solutions to resolve your challenges.

We’re not fascinated in automation that’s just conceived at the GUI level. We’re interested in automation at all levels and layers of your application. An approach that helps you put into practice automation quicker, with a reduced amount of maintainability issues and with more valuable outcome.

We’re not engrossed in one dimensional load testing. We’re interested in performance engineering. An approach that helps you finds solutions to performance issues across the whole product development lifecycle.

We’re not interested in just providing you with costly test resources. We’re interested in providing you with specialists that can deliver technology led solutions. This gives you higher levels of test coverage without the excessive increases in headcount.

Ultimately you don’t just need people. You need the right people that can solve your problems in the most efficient way.


Ask us to be onsite/offsite/online for a day, week or month To facilitate and review your automated testing process.

We will take an autonomous look at where you are, help you Identify some realistic goals and point you in the right path To get maximum out of your automated testing.