There is no right tool. There is no perfect tool. And there is no tool that does everything. Which is why having a team behind you that knows the tools market inside out is essential. We’ve implemented everything from Selenium to QTP. Some of the leading tools today that we work with include:

Selenium is the largest open source automation project around today. Not known for it’s simplicity to implement but fast gaining ground as the tool of choice for automating web testing. Not great for anything other than web testing mind you as it doesn’t support anything other than web technologies. Where you need support for a large range of browsers and different operating systems (including Linux, OS X and Solaris) you’re not going to find anything to match it.
TestComplete from SmartBear Software is pitched as the automation solution that is designed for advanced and novice testers alike. Whilst we’re fans of the easy to use interface we’ve never been convinced that automation is a smart solution for novices. Having said that, this is a solution that’s easy to get started with and delivers a lot of functionality for the price. As with most automation tools the QA engineers experience with implementing automation solutions counts more than anything else when implementing TestComplete.
Rational Functional Tester from IBM provides QA teams with the capability to automate testing of Java, web, MS Visual Studio, terminal based and SAP applications. One of the few solutions that supports both deployment on windows and Linux. Rational Functional Tester delivers some neat functions like Storyboard testing and is built on the open standards of the Eclipse architectural framework.
Quick Test Professional from HP is often touted as the benchmark for automation. Whilst there are other contenders starting to challenge for this crown, QTP is still the most widely deployed automation solution today. You’re not likely to be left with much in your wallet once you’ve paid for the licence. Having said that, you’ll have access to the largest qualified skills base in the industry.