Work Methodology


At the beginning of the implementation processes, we mainly focus our efforts to assure that the new organization is completely effective in terms of functioning and controlling and that, without errors or omissions, is capable to deal properly with the day-to-day situations.


Acquired the effectiveness, our effort points towards efficiency. All processes are revaluated and simplified, the “in-loco” user training activities become more detailed and selective, functions and tasks are regrouped and/or reformulated, more sophisticated management support tools are made available, functional and individual performances are optimized, unnecessary people is identified and released, and much more.


Once the efficiency is reached, how everything changes! Normal working hours start being more than enough to carry out the daily tasks; questions are now analyzed from all the relevant angles and quickly solved; workers can go home at convenient hours; familiar and social life becomes satisfactory; there is now plenty of time to think; the self esteem increases; planning and strategically reflection are exercised permanently; creativity and innovation start being fully understood and are exercised by everyone: THE EXCELLENCY HAS COME!

  • We comprehend well with every business and its processes.
  • We optimize the productivity and the profitability of a company’s resources.
  • We value all assessment styles and make entrepreneurial ambitions to nurture
  • We study and suggest the most adequate solutions to each business.
  • We examine methodically every problem that may exist.
  • We are very ambitious in terms of automating and simplifying all business processes.
  • We aim at the best results and we guarantee our clients only the greatest satisfaction.

We have developed and we use the best implementation practices in organizing solutions for most activity sectors

  • Exhaustive diagnosis of the working environment and functioning characteristics.
  • Lengthy discussion of all organizing aspects that should be changed or implanted.
  • Budgetary control of costs and results.
  • Evaluate users’ professional experience and profile.
  • Adjust parameter definition and goals according to daily working needs.
  • Conversion and completion of all useful information that may exist.
  • User training in their respective working places.
  • Definition and adaptation of any needed printed reports for every purpose.
  • To make work, as intended, all the licensed components of the software.
  • Resources yield analyses, business intelligence, KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Functional and individual performance evaluation.
  • Simplification, automation and optimization of all business processes and tasks.
  • Permanent monitoring of the company business and support to all of its users.
  • Promotion of creative and innovative practices within every company.

Effectiveness, efficiency, excellence: the promises fulfilled by Syon Software Solutions

We generally assume, without any sort of fear, much more organizing ambition than our own clients. It is an ambition that comes from the certainty that we dominate all the elements that enable us to be successful. We believe that only properly organized companies will be capable to survive, to grow and to prosper in this global market, being our obligation to provide them with the best tools to that end. Our contribution to make our clients to be organized has even become one of the top aspects in our mission as a company.